Oscar Nominations! (Lincoln Poised to Win Everything)

Just going out on a limb here; Lincoln might win some awards. (Photo credit: Indiewire)

Early, early this morning (especially if you’re on the West Coast — the clock started at 5:38 and 30 seconds a.m.), the nominees for the 2013 Academy Awards were announced. Colloquially known as the Oscars, of course, you might want to rename them the Lincolns this year, and fit the little gold statues with top hats.

The Daniel Day-Lewis vehicle and 16th President biopic was given 12 nominations, and look to be shoo-ins in a number of categories. Is Bradley Cooper really challenging Mr. My Left Foot As An American Hero? Can Spielberg be stopped? Isn’t a Sally Field “You really like me” reset inevitable? And is Tony Kushner really not winning Best Adapted Screenplay?

Look for consolation prizes for non-Lincoln movies in the Best Actress (is the world ready for a Jennifer Lawrence acceptance speech?) and Best Original Screenplay (could Tarantino conceivably win this?) categories.

Also, in what could be awkward, host Seth McFarlane is the lyricist for a best song nominee (from Ted, no less), though it seems like Adele’s Bond theme vs. the inevitable Les Mis selection is what wins there.

Despite hating the everyone-gets-a-trophy nature of having 10 best picture nominations, we feel duty-bound to give you the list:

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

Entertainment Weekly has a pretty clean, easy-to-read list of everything, whereas Gawker brings its typical Gawker snark.

And, if you couldn’t pull yourself out of bed early enough, here are the as-they-happened announcements you missed:

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