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Get Ready For Two Weeks of “Harbaugh Bowl”

Forget baseball: Football’s supplanted it as America’s favorite pastime, and today’s AFC and NFC Championship gave us, in San Francisco and Baltimore, two worthy Super Bowl XLVII opponents (because you can’t call it 47, and in many ads, you can’t call it the Super Bowl, which is why you’ll hear radio ads on sports talk stations, for instance, hypothetically, call it “The Big Game”).

Also, though, there’s this: Because the NFL has deemed it necessary to have a two-week build-up leading up to the Big Game (it used to be just a week), there’s more of a need than in prior, saner, smaller-Roman-Numeral versions of the Big Game to have a storyline to hype. It’s perfect this year: brothers are coaching the two finalists — Jim Harbaugh for the 49ers (translation: Golddiggers) and John Harbaugh for the Ravens (translation: “Nevermore!“). Ergo: Harbaugh Bowl. Storyline: Found. Easy.

This article explains (along with some creepy Photoshopping of brothercoaches with headsets standing just a leeeeetle too close together) a little bit more about why it’s the Harbaugh Bowl and just who Jim and John are.

So, you’ll hear it. And hear it. And hear it. All leading up the Second Biggest Eating Day of the Year. (‘MERICA!)


Harry Potter as Ginsberg: No Kidding (And Other Tidbits From Sundance)

This in from the LA Weekly on Sundance, via an “I’m clicking on that” headline about “Sex with James Franco” (which is really just a pretty-much irrelevant tidbit at the end of the article about a project that not that many people will end up seeing, unless the 50 Shades of Gray wave is cresting rather than crashing against the shores of cultural relevance). The big news in the early reporting is an intriguing love triangle gone wrong movie called Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself) as a young Allen Ginsberg, with Ginsberg-esque Jew-fro apparently rocked. Apparently, from this report in the Huffington Post, it’s steamy and heralds what could be a pretty risque year in film.

Yo La Tengo and the Nerdiest, Most Awesome Hour of Radio You Probably Missed

KEXP is one of our primary loves and mainstays — though tastemaking is a hallmark of any indie music media outlet, there are ways not to do it (smug recommendations smacking of “What, you don’t know about this yet?”) and the KEXP way, which is to be inclusive and friendly and enthusiastic, but unafraid to be taken through detours on a Road Map to Complete Up-to-Dateness.

Like, say, earlier today — after Yo La Tengo’s live set, and prior to their Easy Street Record store appearance (as part of a short but awesome West Coast tour with four dates, four cities, four record store concerts), Ira Kaplan joined DJ Kevin Cole in the booth to play 45s he’d found while record shopping during the prior two record store dates. The playlist (start from the bottom and scroll up) reveals a fascinating look at what inspires living indie legend bands like Yo La Tengo, but also the joy in being a collector and reveling in the audio snapshots of prior eras.

The set started with this amazing Amboy Dukes song — with this priceless exchange during the DJ break:

Kevin: “You know, Ted Nugent’s in that band.”

Ira: “Yeah, I know. That’s problematic. It’s a moral dilemna.”

(Go to the archive if you want to hear it for yourself.)

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Royal Baby Update: The Birth Will Not Be Filmed

Coming as a total relief/somewhat of a bummer, Kim Kardashian has announced, per Jezebel, that the Fruit of Kimye’s Joint Loins will not be entering the world with cameras in his or her face. You would totally expect the birth to be filmed by E! cameras, but apparently, there are some very few things that should be kept private in the world of Kim and Kanye. (Though one of them is going to tweet the birth as it happens. That seems a given.)

Trenchant Social Commentary About, Well, Etsy

Courtesy of Portlandia (note to self: watch much, much more Portlandia) comes something that’s not only hilarious, trenchant social commentary about the Etsy set, but also the catchiest song we’ve heard in a while. Please bring us the full version of “She’s Making Jewelry Now” (though the snippets are awesome).

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MySpace Is Back (And Looks Like the Bastard Child of Spotify and Tumblr)

MySpace, nowadays, only seems to come up for random bands who like to feature four songs at a time. But, behold! There is a new version of MySpace out! Gizmodo does a good job with the reveal — it’s essentially a music-sharing service and Tumblr-style personal blog. It no longer looks like the Internet threw up on your screen, and you no longer have to hunt for the song file’s pause button upon entering a page and getting assaulted with someone’s love of Red Hot Chili Peppers. But relevance is hard to achieve in Internet Land, and not sure MySpace will be getting it done here.

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Let Everybody Know!: Backing Into Details on the New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album


Today, the fine folks at Stereogum reported that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (one of our favorite bands, except for the annoying habit of taking three years to record a studio album) debuted two songs from the anticipated upcoming album at a show in Pomona, Calif. on Friday night. The hilarity of Karen O yelling, “YEAH, Pomona!” was only matched by Stereogum committing some pretty egregious dancing about architecture. (“A simplistic and confident martial stomp,” anyone?) That song (which might be called “Suck Young Blood,” according to Stereogum, or possibly “Mosquito”, plus another new one which might be called “Earth,” have a definite return-to-Show Your Bones-era-YYY feel about them.

Then, an hour later, the band revealed the album’s new name (Mosquito), the release date (April 16), the album cover (which is a hideous-yet-hilarious shout out to the Garbage Pail Kids), and the mystery You Tube clip at the top of this post, which looks/sounds like the first gathering minute of something totally explosive and wonderful, though, on further, repeat, obsessive listens, it’s a sampling from the near-end of “Mosquito.” (Stereogum termed it “a not-very-revealing minute-long trailer for the album,” but then again, Stereogum commenters had to point out the obvious GPK reference.)

Anyhow, new Yeah Yeah Yeahs approaching. There’s a new Justin Timberlake jam featuring Jay-Z leaked today, for God’s sake, and yet, we’re more excited about this.

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Golden Globes: Passing Notes

Jennifer Lawrence might have won the night for saying, “I beat Meryl!” (Which is what we totally thought when she won.)

Stallone and the Governator actually were funny in their bit. (Though not Wiig and Farrell funny. But seriously.)

Anne Hathaway continues to be huggable.

How is Claire Danes four-for-four in Golden Globe Awards? And “My So-Called Life” to “Homeland” is quite a career arc.

Sasha Baron Cohen: Not funny, but funnier than the Russell Brand reboot of SBC.

Still, though, I love that there’s drinking at the Golden Globes. And Poehler canoodling and drinking with Clooney just there was genius.

Django Unchained, As Loved By A Self-Professed White Liberal

So, perhaps Tarantino’s self-consciously trying to pique white liberals? You don’t say. But Slate’s Stephanie Zacharek seems to be in on the joke with Django Unchained, enjoying it here. (Worth the read. And the debate is sure to go on.)

One More Reason to Love Anne Hathaway

So, on the heels of Anne Hathaway’s classy, brilliant, PR-approved¬†and/or triumph against the men-being-pigs patriarchy (depending on whether you subscribe to both, one, or none of these POVs, but they’re both worth knowing about …

… and the whole having to endure the awfulness of paparazzi taking upskirt photos of her and then posting them with the intention of going viral …

… comes the revelation, in yesterday’s New York Times, that Anne Hathaway is something of a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan.

In between fielding a flurry of media calls regarding yesterday’s many Oscar nominations for Les Miserables, Hathaway revealed that she was delightedly singing the “This is f-ing awesome” hook from the rapper/producer’s “Thrift Shop.” (Which would, in a just world, be up for an Oscar next month for best music video. Why isn’t this a category by now?)

Hathaway and co-star Hugh Jackman also expressed regrets that director Tom Hooper wasn’t nominated for best director. But that’s the trick with the Oscars — ten nominated for best picture, only five nominated for best director. It’s bound to happen, especially in the types of films where the subtleties and artistic nuances of directing might be more immediately evident.