Alicia Keys at the NBA All-Star Game: This Girl Is On Fire, If By Fire, You Mean Potential Mid-Career Flameout

So, half-watching the NBA All-Star Game last night, waiting for the game to get interesting, and halftime rolls around. Alicia Keys is doing the halftime show, which seems sort of expected and non-spectacular. Plus, the NBA trying to do something spectacular in an arena is just doomed to fall short when doing it when compared to the Super Bowl halftime show, especially now that Beyonce dismantled the entire State of Louisiana’s power grid with her “Single Ladies” dance routine.

But there was something about Alicia Keys’ performance we noticed, and not in a good way — her voice seemed to be leaving her in spots, and the dance routine looked less than inspired, and the song selection seemed a little off. Disaster in the making? Well, observers like Idolator seemed to think so, though some defenders used the “She’s obviously sick; it’s hard to run around in all climates and promote yourself” line of justification. Career-ending? Probably not. But career-hiccuping? Most certainly.


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